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Auditions for Jack and the Beanstalk are on Sunday 3rd July @4pm, at Victoria Hall, Sutton Scotney. Oh yes they are!

Please register your interest by dropping us an email with your details and the character you are interested in auditioning for, so we can schedule you an audition.

Below is a list of the characters in Jack and the Beanstalk. Click on the Character’s name to access their relevant audition scripts. Please download, print and bring with you the relevant scripts for the characters you wish to audition for on the audition day – Sunday 3rd July at 4pm!

Everyone auditioning for a solo / duet singing part, and those auditioning for The Lost Girls will also need to prepare a short song. Please bring along either the piano sheet music or a backing track on CD or iPod/mp3 player.

Unlike most drama companies Act Too does not have weekly subs. However in order to help cover the costs of costumes successful cast will be asked for a one off  small contribution towards their costume cost : £20 over 14 years of age and £10 under 14.  This will help us make sure that this pantomime is a Giant of a pantomime! Oh Yes It Will! Please contact Act Too if  you feel you are unable to pay this.

As with all our Pantos we rely on the actors to bring their own stamp to the character. There is lots of potential for comedy throughout the panto. Of course you can be sure lines will change as the rehearsals progress! 

Remember there is no such thing as a small part ….only small actors!!


Cast list

Jack  Trott (principal boy) Female/Male. Solo/duet song

Dame Trott  Jack & Simon’s Mum  (Dame)  Male . Solo/trio song

Simon Trott, Jack’s silly brother  Male. Solo/ duet song. Script 2

The Village  Womans’Army! Dame Trott’s friends and neighbours.

  1. Charity Oggle  Female
  2. Stacy Barton  Female
  3. Michelle Dever Female
  4. Soph Wonston  ( Possible Second Dame?) Male / Female

Front of Cow  Male/Female

Back of cow (The udder part!) Male/Female

Fairy Hasbean (also the Bean seller) Female. Our magic Fairy.

Squire  Squitt (A baddy, but nice by the end) Male

Bess Squitt, the Landlord’s  daughter. Female. Love interest for Simon. Duet song. Script 2

The Giant  Mainly voice. possible shadow  Male

Mr/Ms Mince the Butcher on way to market   (Smallish part)

Mr/Ms Slipper the Shoemaker on way to market   (Smallish part)

Mrs Trump, Giant’s housekeeper  Female  Nice motherly woman

Goose  M/F  Full costume (Big child size) Has to lay an egg! Potential dance

The lost Girls (The Sugar ‘n Spice Girls) Song and dance potential

  1.  Jill Juniper,  Lost girl one Female   Love interest for Jack
  2.  Coriander Lost Girl two Female
  3. Ginger Lost Girl three Female
  4.  Saffron Lost girl four Female
  5.  Vanilla Lost girl five  Female

Bogie. Giants henchman Male / Female.  A VERY nasty piece of work but ……  underneath soft and cuddly

Possible Baby Giant (Non speaking adult male)